Digital Signage

Digital signage screens give you an information board like no other. you an instantly update or schedule (up to 2 years in advance) all your notices, pictures, videos, adverts all on one screen !

Perfect for reception areas or if you want that extra touch in your gym then there is a system that does all of the above but also gives you live TV

Gym Station Sound Systems

There's a range of wired and wireless equipment station systems for the gymnasium. The standard headphone unit is inexpensive and allows clients to plug in their headphone and select what they wish to listen to. This could be radio, phone or television and also control the volume

Digital Television Systems

Digital screens in and around the centre can be connected to a digital aerial or satellite. The input signal can be boosted around your building in digital co-ax . If you require a centralised system everything can be  housed in one location and sent it to your screens via CAT5.

PA Systems

Full zonal PA systems are relatively inexpensive these days. Zonal systems allows different background music or no music playing in different areas around the building. Zonal paging microphones are available so that you call put a call out direct to a single area or the whole building

Vandal Proof Enclosures for Screens and Projectors

Vandal proof, secure enclosures are available  for  projectors and digital screens that are are in open public  areas. These units can be made-to-measure and normally have anti-shatter and non-reflective screen