Projector Enclosures may be the ideal solution for projecting outdoors, in swimming pools, in high humidity areas, tunnels, cave systems and very hot climates.



Projector enclosures allowing outdoor projection in any weather

Swimming Pools

Environmental projector enclosures are in demand for sensory hydrotherapy pools, and general swimming pools.


Cave systems, road and rail tunnels, and heritage sites use protective projector enclosures



Projector Enclosures embrace a range of technologies, from components to additional features such as digital signage.


Enclosures come in standard ranges from some manufacturers to bespoke and made specifically for the project in hand.

Case Study

“Our projection system is set up in an old limestone mine off the Dudley Canal Tunnel. A six minute video on the geology and history of the mine is projected onto a 5 metre screen and viewed by the audience who are seated on one of the Trust's electrically powered narrowboats. Although the temperature in the mine remains fairly constant, the humidity varies widely and can reach 100%RH. The highly alkaline environment is also very aggressive and we rely on our environmental enclosure to protect the projector from these conditions.”


Dudley Canal Trips