Outdoor Projector Enclosures Worldwide

Different countries have different climates, and the specific design of the protective projector enclosure is critical to is doing it's job in the said climate. From France to Finland, Hong Kong to Honduras, enclosures are designs to be robust and protective in any climate.

Some countries have immense humidity AND tornadoes! Yet, it is still possible to build outdoor protective projector enclosures for Hong Kong, which is a perfect example of such a climate.


Many European countries have a warm and sunny climate, and get their fair bought of all other weather systems such as rain. Germany for example has hot summers and very cold winters in some parts. The north of France has warm summers, and the south of course has very hot Mediterranean weather, making it a tourist destinations to those seeking the sun. Outdoor projector enclosures for France, need to cater for this.

Some countries are open to freezing cold conditions, with some Scandinavian countries experiencing -30°C Winter temperatures. They have warming huts so that people can seek temporary shelter and get warm before venturing out again. See this article on Outdoor Projector Enclosures Norway.


Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates is a country of extreme weather patterns. A prestigious and popular tourist destination, boasting all year round hot weather in a cosmopolitan environment, and some of the worlds most luxurious hotels. The weather also throws in high humidity and sand storms which can reduce visibility - and in a worst-case scenario can halt flights. Outdoor Projector Enclosures for Dubai and the UAE are designed with all this in mind.

Hong Kong skyline
burj khalifa dubai