If you're looking to house a digital screen or a projector outside then protective weatherproof enclosures make the perfect solution. As well as being super secure, they are cost-effective.

Outdoor Projector Enclosures

Features and Benefits

Outdoor projector enclosures are also known as cabinets, housings, and even boxes.

They come in a "one size fits all" standard solution or they can be bespoke produced to match needs. The enclosures are designed to protect from harsh and typical weather. Harsh weather would be a T10 tornado, whilst typical weather would be rain and hot sunshine which the projector needs to be protected from.

Powder coated in any colour

Vandal proof screen

Security locks with dust caps

Built-in cooling fans with adjustable temperature switch (to protect from over heating in summer)

Built in heater with adjustable thermostat (protects screen from freezing in winter)

Universal projector mounting tray

Outdoor projector housing in RAL colour

Projector Enclosure Optional Extras

Highly beneficial optional extras are available in projector housings:

IR control with a built in IR receiver and dual wand transmitters -  to give you control without opening the unit

Media player with USB input - to display video/imagery

TV box - so you can show live TV just by connecting an aerial to the enclosure

For further information visit Outdoor Projector Enclosure website

Digital Screen Outdoor Enclosure - Best Features

Weatherproof screen enclosures size required typically available from 40" to 70"

Powder coated steel case

Vandal proof screen

Security locks

Built in cooling fan with adjustable temperature switch

Built in heater with adjustable thermostat

Built in screen mount


Outdoor projectors and screens need to be protected. Such an investment can be up to £50k for one unit! Options are available off the shelf, or bespoke which can offer all the features that the project requires.