Full HD Projector Systems

Ideal if you want that full cinema experience but needs a big room or a dedicated room i.e. cellar or attic conversion

4K/LED/LCD Digital Screens

There are so many difference types and makes of TV on the market now that it can be very difficult to choice the right screen for you, but we can talk you through the differences and help you choice the perfect one for you, your room and your budget

Sound Systems

Sound systems for your home can be a more difficult choice than choosing your screen. There are wireless speaker systems, 5.1, 7.1 & 9.1 integrated systems with built in DVD and separate component systems.

Apple TV

Apple TV is  a perfect companion for an iPad. You can wirelessly stream photos, videos and any downloaded films etc easily to your TV in full HD quality. If you wish to put your iPad music through your music system then the Apple Airport is perfect for you.

Mounting Systems

Once you have you perfect TV then you have to choose how to mount your screen whether flat wall mount, tilting, swing arm and ceiling mounts.

Its important to have the correct wall mounting bracket - some are more  aesthetically pleasing that others and now come in lots of styles and colours.

The quality of cabling used will lend itself to the ultimate sound and picture quality.