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Normandy Army Barracks Aldershot

Normandy Army Barracks contacted us through this website and asked if we would install a projector and sound system in their new Corporals mess

After a site visit to see exactly what they wanted and a budget for us to work to, we put a package together that they were very happy with

They wanted a projector/ TV ¬†where they could select what they wanted to watch on either screen and a sound system that would run from a wall mounted iPad to use as a jukebox but they also wanted to split the sound system up into 2 rooms so they had a choice of either music or TV in each room and after a bit of head scratching this is what we came up with –

Main room Р2m Electric projector screen, 2800 Lumen ceiling mounted projector & 4 wall 100w  mounted speakers

Bar room – 42″ TV (supplied by them), wall mounted lockable enclosure, 32gb Ipad wall mounted in secure housing & 2 x 100w wall mounted speakers

Video system – Blu-ray player, Apple TV, (2 spare Inputs for Xbox& Sky box)4:2 HDMI switching matrix (allows 4 inputs to be switched over 2 outputs)

Sound system – Apple airport express, Wireless router, 2 x Digital to analog convertors & a 200w 2 zone selectable amplifier

So in the end they had a music system where customers could select music to play from the wall mounted Ipad or log in with their own Apple devices and play their own music wirelessly through it and an amplifier that would split the sound between the 2 rooms as they wished

The Video system would switch the picture source i.e. Sky, Xbox, DVD or Apple TV through the matrix and split the sound of through the D>A convertors giving them complete control over the 2 rooms

And after 2 long days we manged to stick to budget and even gave a couple of extra’s as well – Job well done !

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